{ more selfish sewing... the Nasha (mini) skirt }

mercredi 21 janvier 2015

More selfish sewing ..I do feel a bit bad not sewing much for my kids right now. 
Winter is very cold here and I find few winter patterns for children that suit my tastes. I am looking forward to spring and summer!

I need some garments for my wardrobe and I loved this pattern so much I HAD to try out!

Inspirée par Julie de Jolies Bobines, j'ai eu envie d'essayer le très moderne et très stylé patron de la jupe Nasha par Named. 

Un patron qui me faisait un peu peur a priori mais finalement, en 5 heures environ, j'ai réussi à coudre cette jupe et je me suis vraiment appliquée pour les finitions. 
The  Nasha skirt by Named  is indeed a very attractive pattern.
 I love the cool details: diagonal cut in the front and triangle at the hem. How cute??! I was first inspired by Julie's version.

{ Call me addicted ! }

mercredi 14 janvier 2015

For some reason I am totally addicted to the Linden Sweatshirt pattern!
Maybe because it fits perfectly my need for basics in my wardrobe and my new addiction to my serger. 
Maybe because I feel so comfy wearing it and I think it is the best way to look attractive!!:)
Or maybe because it can look casual or chic depending on how I wear it!

Bon je suis complètement accro à ce patron du Linden Sweatshirt. C'est simple, rapide et hyper confortable. 
Le mois de janvier est un mois où je suis en mode "survival" pour différentes raisons et ce patron a exactement l'effet euphorisant dont j'ai besoin!

 After my first version in black ,I wanted another one. I had bought this quilted fabric by this french designer I adore: 

Le tissu de chez Camillette était prévu au départ pour faire une copie honteuse de la jupe de Julie mais finalement, je voulais un projet rapide et facile et j'ai décidé d'en faire une version B du Linden.

At firts I intended to make a skirt with it, just like Julie from Jolies Bobines made for herself, but then I needed to sew (you know, sanity requires sewing!) , so the Linden was the perfect choice.

I chose to add a bit of color to this grey fabric: the neckline and a little tag on the side are mustard. If you have asked me 6 months ago I would have told you I would never wear mustard. But it grew on me : after making this skirt, I was hooked!

 I like this first look: I know it looks a bit weird with the long black sleeved T-shirt underneath, but I still like it, I wore it all day and it felt good. I don't mind looking a bit strange, as long as it feels good to me!!:)

But I also wanted to know what it would look like when I wear it when spring finally comes: so I  put on some jeans and we made more shots!

I realized , looking at my previous posts that i look  serious and  somehow sophisticated on the photos I share on this blog.

 But I can assure you I am nothing close to sophisticated! well, at least I don't feel like I am. I am quite the clown both in my classroom and the teachers room too and my kids often call me "crazy mama" when I improvise a funny dance in the kitchen while cooking dinner for them.

It is not easy to convey one's personality through a photoshoot. It is easy to put special make up on and do your hair nicely and pretend it is your "everyday look".
I never do that: I wear what I wear daily to go to work or stay at home.
So I thought I would show you some of the photos that were a bit more fun  this time, so you can see I am nothing like a posing queen!

These are the clothes I wear daily , except I would not wear heels with jeans, but rather boots. But my heels were out to wear with the first outfit and it was more convenient to put them on for the second.. .dinner was cooking and we had very little time to give to this photo session!

I love silly little details that nobody would notice apart from me!

and yes, this mustard neckline makes me happy! don't ask me why!!:)

So ! here is to more versions of this Linden pattern!
January is the hardest month of the year for me: I am quite on the "survival" mode during that month. So anything comfy and cosy is more than welcome!

Wearing clothes I made myself fills me with a joy I can't really describe.
I don't know, it is like I am walking around carrying with me the joy I had WHILE sewing the garment! if ever that makes sense to any of you!!:)

 But I am sure you sewers do understand!

Do you also have or had seasons in your life when you needed to feel comfy like I do now? Do you prefer to sew wardrobe builders or special occasions garments?

{ My word for 2015 is .... }

samedi 10 janvier 2015


Yes! "Word' is my word for 2015!
I am confident it will help me and uplift me as I embark on this journey through 2015. 

# 1: Word is for "words I speak":  I am a chatterbox, I love to talk ! I mean it is part of my job: teachers talk ALL THE TIME. But I also have a natural tendency to let any thought slip out of my mouth regarless of the consequences. In 2015 I hope to speak words of gratitude, words of encouragement rather than criticism. And this applies to everyone, including myself!  I want my words to matter and make a difference in other's life, in my loved one's as well as my colleagues', students', friends'....or I don't want them out of my mouth. I hope they will travel first through my heart before coming out of my mouth. I hope they will be soaked with truth and love and that they will come out smooth and warm rather than dry and hard.

#2: Word is for "His Word": I have embarked on a very special journey and I am hoping for spititual growth. A friend and I have started a reading plan in order to read the Bible in one year. It seems like a crazy dare, I know,  but I can already feel the benefits of this daily discipline on my soul.
You can find such reading plans as well as resources here or here. You can also watch 5 minutes videos that help you grasp the meaning of each part of the Bible: here.

So here is to a year of intentional living, speaking and loving. 

What is your work for 2015? Have you tried choosing a word before? 
I am sending you all much love and thanks for the warmth that your comments always provide ! 

{ Quilted Linden Top }

vendredi 9 janvier 2015

Hi there!
I am back with what is now know in the house as : the fastest project ever made !!
Yes this Linden Sweatshirt, not only is another fav and will be worn a lot BUT it was also so fast to make!
With my beloved serger, it took less than an hour to assemble!

Je suis de retour pour partager mon tout nouveau pull, aussi appelé "projet le plus rapide de l'année"! grâce à ma surjeteuse , ce petit pull tout simple a été assemblé en une heure environ!
Il s'agit du Linden Sweatshirt, de Grainline studio, un patron en anglais mais, avec son niveau débutant, tout le monde peut le faire, même les ceux qui ne sont pas polyglottes!! Et même sans surjeteuse évidemment. Le sweat n'est pas très extensible, un point droit peut suffire.

{ More christmas presents ...}

lundi 5 janvier 2015

While I am back to work... I have scheduled this little post ..
Just a few projects I have not shared yet: two christmas presents I made last minute in december.

{ Châtaigne de saison // beloved winter shorts }

samedi 3 janvier 2015

Here is the first piece of clothing sewn this year!! And it is  going to be a favorite for sure.
I  am wearing it as I type this post!:)
 Please excuse the poor quality of the photos taken by my five years old, inside, on new year's eve:)

Et le voici, le voilà!! le premier vêtement cousu cette année!!
Bon, moi, j'adore et d'ailleurs je le porte tout en tapant ce post!

{ I am ready // Prête }

mercredi 31 décembre 2014

2014 was the year I started sewing for my kids.
I could not resist sharing here some of the garments I made this year, since january.

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